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About Frontiera



Frontiera is an independent production house based in Ghent, Belgium. We create, support and organise cultural projects and events in Belgium and abroad.

Frontiera started in 2006 as the backbone to a couple of projects around musician and photographer Thomas Noël but soon became more than that as other people joined the initiative and cooperations with other organisations started to grow.



Frontiera produced these projects:

The City’s Song, The Chai Connection, Loosey Goosey, Livingstone-Ensemble, TABARNACK, Ellil, Lupaluna, B.O.B.I., LodoS, NIMPORTE a.o. …

The Passengers (with theater ‘bij De Vieze Gasten), De Langste Nacht (with theater ‘bij De Vieze Gasten), BOXART (with NAHKLA vzw, De Centrale), Soundtrack for Kunst Kleurt (documentary by NAKHLA)


Le Grand Bateau, Les Gouts de Gand, ‘Bij De Vieze Gasten, De Propere Fanfare, FAB (Federatie van Belgische Architecten), NAHKLA vzw, Intercultureel Centrum De Centrale, Association Comme une Orange (Paris), Het Huis van Alijn, Trefpunt vzw, CC Westrand a.o. …