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The Tehran Sessions Tour 2021
The Tehran Sessions Tour 2021
homesity song
The City's Song
Two musicians from Ghent, a camerateam and a photographer head to a city and bring with them a song.
On location they meet singer-songwriters and musicians. Together they make a contemporary musical and visual portret of the city.
The Chaï Connection
The Chai Connection
The pulse of the guitar, the plaintive sound of the violin, the delicate piano
or the luscious rich Fender Rhodes and the colourfull grooves of percussion.
The Tehran Sessions
The Tehran Sessions
The latest episode in The City’s Song project is Tehran.
loosey goosey
Loosey Goosey
Some say that Loosey Goosey interprets songs about love, death, war, booze and
murder like a pack of stray dogs from the thirties of the past century.

The Tehran Sessions

The City’s Song Tehran Sessions on tour.  

Crowdfunding The City’s Song – The Tehran Sessions CD opname

Met onze crowdfunding zamelen we geld in voor de volgende fase van het Tehran Sessionsproject: in november komt Soroosh naar België om het album af te werken.

Listen to the Ramallah Sessions

The Ramallah Sessions Tour 2017

the city's song gent

The City’s Song Gent in beeld

Foto's: Sammy Van Cauteren

The City’s Song ‘THE RAMALLAH SESSIONS’ in beeld

Foto's: Sammy Van Cauteren

The City’s Song ‘Ramallah’ in beeld

Foto's: Sammy Van Cauteren

The Chai Connection

Beluister Kolda Blues

The Ramallah Sessions

Trailer from Clouded Trees on Vimeo