Loosey Goosey

LOOSEY GOOSEY Some say that Loosey Goosey interprets songs about love, death, war, booze and murder like a pack of stray dogs from the thirties of the past century. Therefore they take a quirky [...]


“Pour se connaître elle a besoin de lui, il a besoin d’elle. Puis ils déploient leurs aîles et inventent des îles …” In ELLIL the lyrics and songs of Catherine Delasalle meet with the musical [...]


This idiosyncratic collective brings together musicians and artists from different backgrounds. It is not really a band, rather a bunch of (brilliant) idiots who are not trying to keep their [...]


Six musicians swimming in an ocean of music, influenced by a thousand things ... a free-music collective lead by Joris Buysse & Thomas Noël.


A singer-poet and a one man's orchestra. Tiny little poems, very big songs and silent images telling a great musical and visual story.