Thomas Noël: piano, keys, strings & things
Dirk Elst: percussion, word
Jonas De Meester: guitars
Pieter De Meester: sax
Sam van Ingelghem: bass
Tom De Wulf: drums

This idiosyncratic collective brings together musicians and artists from different backgrounds. It is not really a band, rather a bunch of (brilliant) idiots who are not trying to keep their cool, but who do try to adapt to any given configuration. On request, for certain occasions, site specific, or even completely out of control, but in charge of the song that is needed, as many as possible. Keywords are: improvisation, party sessions, conceptual sets, guest musicians and DJ sets with flowtown deejays. Each member or guest stands for a character in some alphabet, forming words, rearranging them in a series of anagrams, as long as it gets.


vzw Frontiera

Thomas Noël

+32 (0)477 69 10 24

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