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Joris Buysse:
 soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, EWI (electronic wind instrument), flute, piccolo, whistle, voice
Thomas Noël: prepared piano, Fender Rhodes, melodicas, Nord Electro, voice
Tom De Wulf: drums, voice, percussion, whistle, window
Jeff Goddard: bass, voice
Pol Segers: tuba, euphonium, voice
Laurens Ingels: recording, mixing & mastering

TABARNACK: Six musicians swimming in an ocean of music, influenced by a thousand tunes and a thousand things … a free-music collective lead by Joris Buysse & Thomas Noël. In changing configurations Tabarnack! brings you purely improvised music, sometimes in co-relation with visual artists such as photographers, vj’s, filmmakers, action-painters, dancers, etc. TABARNACK has recently been touring with the creation ‘An Eye for an Ear’, a concept-performance with artists from many different disciplines. Photographers, video artists, dancers etc. write stories or ‘scores’ in their individual languages and the Tabarnack-ensemble performs these pieces live and on the spot, without prior viewing. The latest experiment, called BOXART was a symbyosis between musicians and boxers. This performance took place in De Centrale in Ghent in april 2010.

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Joris Buysse
+32(0)476 71 18 57

Thomas Noël
+32 (0)477 69 10 24